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Tile Roof Restoration hero image
Tile Roof Restoration

Roof painting and re-painting

De Groot Roof Painting offers specialised roof restoration and painting services to residential and commercial customers.  Whether you are a home renovator, projects manager or commercial or industrial building owner, DeGroot Roof Painting can assist you with options to restore or repaint your iron roof, colorbond roof, tile roof, asbestos roof, metal fencing, iron cladding and roller doors.  Our friendly sales team are happy to discuss your restoration needs, whether large or small.



Concrete roof tiles typically have a long and durable life as a roofing material, however, over many years the surface may fade, show signs of aging or develop unsightly residue from lichen or moss.  During the manufacturing process, tiles attain their colour through the addition and mixing of pigments and cement. In the harsh Australian climate, many roof tiles fade over time, leaving a less than desirable surface finish. 

Previously applied paint can also fade or flake, leaving a tiled roof in poor condition and more susceptible to ongoing deterioration. In colder parts of Australia or roofs with South facing aspects, lichen or moss can build up on the roof surface and hold moisture, which can lead to structural issues.


Pointing and bedding are some of the main things that hold your tile roof together and make it watertight. This is often called "mortar" or "cement," but it has not been commonly used since 1995. If your roof has not been replaced or repointed since then, it may be well overdue for some restoration work.


De Groot Roof Painting offers solutions for your tiled roof that include appropriate cleaning and careful pressure washing options, re-bedding and pointing, priming and sealing and top coating in a range of fantastic colours coatings from reputable Australian paint manufacturers.


We guarantee all of our work with a Master Painters written guarantee of 3-15 years, depending on the condition of your roof.


If you have a concrete or terracotta tiled roof, whether painted or unpainted, with or without lichen, DeGroot Roof Painting can offer you the right restoration option at a competitive price - simply call our friendly team to find out more.

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