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Roof Inspections & Re-screwing hero image
Roof Inspections & Re-screwing


One of the biggest decisions you can make as a homeowner is whether to restore or replace the roof.  DeGroot Roof Painting offers obligation free quotes that can give you options other than replacement.  Full re-screw quotes and roof inspection quotes provide you with peace of mind that you will have all the facts in front of you before making the decision that best suits your needs.  

Roof Re-Screwing


Prior to works commencing on a roof, DeGroot Roof Painting technicians conduct a series of checks to determine the roof surface condition.  If there are sections of roof sheeting that require tightening or nailing down, the technician will ensure those areas are tightened prior to continuing the restoration works.


Roof surfaces that present with loose nails or screws no longer gripping the roof frame will be replaced with new roofing screws.


For a standard roof restoration, DeGroot Roof Painting technicians will replace, where necessary, up to 10-15% of the roof surface with new screws.  If the roof being restored requires more than 15% of the roof surface screws or nails replaced, a 'full re screw" quote will be supplied prior to works continuing.  In this case, all roofing nails or screws would be removed and disposed of responsibly off-site by DeGroot Roof Painting and replaced with new roofing screws.  (Ask our friendly sales team for a full rescrew price prior to booking in, we'd be happy to provide you with both options up front in the interests of transparency).


Once the roof surface is secure to the roof frame, restoration works continue with the pressure washing, priming and painting phases.

Roof Inspections


Are you unsure if your roof can be restored and feel strongly you need someone onsite to inspect?


DeGroot Roof Painting offer roof inspections to determine whether your roof is fit for restoration or needs to be replaced.  Our  specialist technician will assess your roof and give you an opinion on the roof's surface condition and discuss any problem areas that may require further attention.  He will also perform minor roof repairs during his visit and advise on options for further works.


At DeGroot Roof Painting, we require all our technicians to complete online roof inspection checklists and provide these to customers as part of their roof inspection.   These are downloaded and sent directly to the client in PDF form (or via mail) and give customers peace of mind that they have all the relevant information prior to making a decision.


Contact our friendly sales team to find out more about obtaining a quote for a roof inspection.

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