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Roof Restoration hero image
Roof Restoration


DeGroot Roof Painting not only specialises in roof restoration but also offers services to both residential and commercial clients requiring ongoing maintenance.  DeGroot Roof Painting can also clean driveways, pathways, gutters, building exteriors, fences and just about any surface with industrial-grade pressure washers and equipment.


The DeGroot technical team ensure that all work sites are kept as clean as possible, going that extra mile to clean the guttering of each building's roof they restore as well as lightly washing down the exterior of the property that may have been dirtied from our processes - ready for customers to enjoy straight away.


See below for more information about DeGroot Roof Painting Services.


DeGroot Roof Painting understands the value of protecting the roof over your head.  A roof restoration with DeGroot Roof Painting can:

  • Increase the value of your property
  • Extend the life of your roof
  • Increase energy efficiency of your home or business
  • Significantly improve the street appeal of your property

To ensure your roof receives the best restoration possible, De Groot Roof Painting has partnered with Australias most trusted paint brand, Dulux Acratex. Working with paint manufacturing industry experts, De Groot Roof Painting has developed specialist paint preparation and application techniques that provide roof restoration outcomes at competitive prices, in record time.



If your roof is an older style iron or galvanised surface displaying signs of rust, flaking or peeling paint, DeGroot Roof Painting can offer you options for restoration.  Provided your roof is not experiencing major leaking issues or is unsafe to walk on, DeGroot technicians can utilise their experience and DeGroot preparation and painting techniques to restore the roof with a fresh new look.


Preparation begins with a 4000 PSI pressure wash to the roof surface being restored to remove as much dirt and flaking paint as possible.  All visibly loose screws or nails are tightened to ensure the iron is firmly fastened to the roof structure.  Any screws or nails not fastening properly are replaced with new screws, (conditions apply - see 're-screwing' page for more information).  All holes, cracks and gaps are filled with an acrylic flexi sealant to minimise the possibility of further leakages and to ensure these areas can be overpainted.

Depending on the degree of oxidation, rust is treated with one or two coats of quality rust converter to inhibit further corrosion.


DeGroot technicians then apply one or two coats, (depending on roof condition), of metal primer with rust inhibitors to ensure adhesion between roof surface and top coats and then two coats of a Premium Roof Membrane by brush and airless spray gun for best finish.



If your roof is faded Colorbond and looking tired, you don’t need to replace it.  De Groot Roof Painting preparation and painting techniques will make a huge difference to the look and life of your property - all with a up to a 15-year guarantee.  
De Groot Roof Painting technicians pressure clean the roof surface to be restored using a 4000 PSI cleaner to remove as much dirt, grime, mould and lichen as possible, providing a clean and even surface for painting.  Once the roof surface has been prepared, a primer coat is applied, then 2 top coats of a Premium Roof Membrane paint is applied via a commercial grade airless spray gun and brush in your preferred Colorbond colour. 


For customers wanting that bit extra, DeGroot Roof Painting offers a 3 top coat application system for Colorbond roofs -  accompanied by an extended 15 year painter's guarantee.

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