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Lead Paint & Asbestos Management hero image
Lead Paint & Asbestos Management

De Groot Roof Painting offers services to contain Lead Paint and Asbestos.

Lead Paint Containment


Did you know that if your house was built prior to 1970 it may contain Lead Paint?


Prior to 1970, lead was a common additive in paint.  After 1970, lead content in paint was reduced and then finally banned altogether from the marketplace.


Lead is a major health risk to homeowners, tradespeople, animals and the environment.  It can have devastating effects on certain members of the population, including pregnant women, young babies and young children.


Lead enters the body as lead dust or lead fumes. Young children mostly absorb lead by touching contaminated dust or soil and then putting their fingers into their mouth thereby ingesting lead.   A single exposure to high concentrates of lead, such as eating lead paint flakes, can cause significantly elevated blood-lead levels for some people.


Government legislation now requires all companies who work with a lead contamination risk to be fully qualified in lead management processes and have relevant licenses (or utilise registered waste transport companies) to conduct lead management removal. Government agencies such as the EPA and WorkSafe are responsible for overseeing correct lead management in both commercial and domestic work sites. 


DeGroot Roof Painting offers lead paint management restorations for roofs that have tested positive for lead paint during patch testing and has a certified team of technicians that can restore your roof to give a great finish, while safely dealing with lead contamination.

For more information about lead paint, visit https://www.worksafe.vic.gov.au/lead or call the DeGroot team to find out if your roof is suitable for a lead paint management restoration.

Asbestos Sealing & Containment


Asbestos is a generic term for a number of fibrous silicate minerals, of which there are two groups:  The serpentine group containing chrysotile - commonly known as white asbestos; and the amphibole group containing amosite - brown asbestos.


Asbestos poses a health risk when asbestos fibres become airborne and people are exposed, regardless of whether they are in a workplace or not. 


Although the manufacture and use of asbestos product was banned in Australia nationally from December 2003, many properties prior to this may contain variations of asbestos which can include:  wall cladding, internal and external fibro wall panels, pipe lagging and roof shingles and sheeting.  

Due to the danger to health that asbestos poses, the supply, storage, transport, sale, use, re-use, installation and replacement of asbestos is banned across Australia.  The conditions for asbestos management in regard to painting state that brooms, brushes, high pressure water jets, power tools and similar instruments must not be used unless their use is controlled (in a manner specified by the Regulations) to ensure exposure to asbestos fibres is greatly reduced.


Provided a thorough investigation of the asbestos to be painted is conducted by qualified tradesmen and deemed intact, without erosion or disturbance, the asbestos surface may be restored via encapsulation.  An airless sprayer at low pressure may be used to apply a sealant and then appropriate top coats of paint.


To determine if your asbestos surface will be suitable for restoration using safe and legal encapsulation methods, call the DeGroot Roof Painting team.

For more information about asbestos visit http://www.vwa.vic.gov.au/safety-and-prevention/health-and-safety-topics/asbestos

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