Heat Reflective Coating

We are ahead of our competition through the use of our technologically advanced paint membrane. We offer a water based Acrylic Roofcote Supa™ Cool Membrane that is a super reflective membrane system, specially engineered with pigments that reflect a higher grade of radiant heat than any other conventional product. DeGroots are experienced in the application of heat reflective paint membrane because it’s excellent for:

✓ Durability

✓ Strong Adhesion

✓ High water resistance

✓ Low ongoing maintenance

✓ Low dirt pick-up

✓ Amazing vapour permeability

The paint membrane has a wide range of colours to choose from, and its gloss level of finish both improves the look of a roof as well as its condition. DeGroots believe using a heat reflective paint membrane provides long-term weather protection that is perfect for the Australian buildings.

Call us to discuss how this product can reduce your heating and cooling costs. Our team will be ready to share the colours that deliver the best results.