Driveway and path cleaning
Surface will be washed using our commercial grade cleaning head. The head has two 25 degree fan nozzles that rotate in a circular motion at high speed.

Roof repairs
We repair anything from broken and crack tiles to re sealing any leaks around chimneys and pipes. We can even replace any tiles or old corrugated iron sheets and patch up any holes in iron where necessary.

Gutter cleaning
Before each job is carried out all the downpipe openings are filled with a plastic mesh to stop any debris entering and blocking the downpipe but still letting water flow away.

Re screwing
In the standard procedure all of the nails/screws are re tighten, if any don’t grab to the roof structure then they will be pulled out and replaced with a roofing screw.

Roof re-paint

Iron roof

If the roof is in good order i.e. not much flaking paint, then the roof surface will just need the standard procedure.

Tile roof
We can do any minor repairs to the mortar along the ridge where needed. Any nails on the ridge will be knocked back into place before job begins.

Roof stripping
If the roof is in bad condition i.e. badly flaking and bubbling paint then its best to get it stripped off. This is a more expensive procedure but will look a lot better and last you at least twice the amount of time than a roof re paint.