Roof Restoration


We can upkeep both residential and commercial sites with ongoing maintenance such as cleaning driveways, pathways, gutters, building exteriors, fences and just about any surface required.

Our technical team ensure that all work sites are kept as clean as possible. We will go the extra mile to make sure as part of a roof restoration job the guttering of each building is clear, flowing correctly, we even give the  entire exterior a light wash so it’s ready for our clients to enjoy straight away.


At De Groot Roof Painting we specialise in iron roof restoration and painting. We also can repair iron roof sheets and flashings by removing old and damaged sheets and replacing them with new galvanised or colorbond sheeting. Ask about our $165 roof inspections which fix on the spot leaks or offer free quotes to make sure your roof is as good as new again.

All the sealants that are used are water based products so that paint will adhere to the sealant.


If the roof is in bad condition i.e. badly flaking and bubbling paint then its best to get it stripped off. This is a more costly procedure but your roof with be restored with a 10 year guarantee.

All works comply with AS/NZS 2311:2017

The entire roof to be pressure cleaned to remove all loose and flaking paint prior to applying the paint stripper. Then 1-2 applications of Peel Away 8 paint stripper will be applied by commercial grade airless spray then left for 2-24 hours depending on how many coats of paint are on the existing surface. We will then pressure wash the entire roof surface with 4000PSI pressure washer to remove all old existing paint.

We then follow the steps below for re-painting iron or galvanised roof.


If the roof is in good order i.e. not much flaking paint, then the roof surface will just need the standard procedure.

This involves the entire surface to be pressure cleaned using up to 4000 psi to remove all dirt, grime, mould etc. to provide a clean and even surface for the painting. In the areas around chimneys or some trees that are severally stained then a citrus cleaning agent will be applied. After the cleaning process is completed the roof will then be coated using our commercial grade airless spray gun and brush with two coats of a premium quality exterior roofing paint to the colour and sheen chosen by the client.


All works to comply with AS/NZS 2311:2017

Firstly we will pressure wash entire roof surface with 4000PSI pressure washer to remove all dirt and flaking paint.

Gutters will be cleaned out and exterior of house will be hosed down where dirtied from cleaning process.

We will then replace all screws necessary to ensure iron is firmly fastened to roof structure.

All holes, cracks and gaps will be filled with seal and flex to prevent any small leaks in the future.

Any rust will be treated with one coat of quality rust converter to stop any further corrosion and potential leaks.

We will then apply one coat of metal primer with rust inhibitors to ensure adhesion between roof surface and top coats.

We will then apply two coats of Premium Roof Membrane by brush and airless spray gun for best finish