Roof Re-paint

Iron roof
If the roof is in good order i.e. not much flaking paint, then the roof surface will just need the standard procedure. This involves the entire surface to be pressure cleaned using up to 4000 psi to remove all dirt, grime, mould etc. to provide a clean and even surface for the painting. In the areas around chimneys or some trees that are severally stained then a citrus cleaning agent will be applied. After the cleaning process is completed then a coat of seal rust will be applied to seal off any rust from further developing. The roof will then be coated using an airless spray gun and brush with two coats of a premium quality exterior paint to the colour and sheen chosen by the client.

Tile roof
We can do any minor repairs to the mortar along the ridge where needed. Any nails on the ridge will be knocked back into place before job begins. If roof has mould, lichen or moss present then the appropriate cleaning agent will be applied prior to cleaning process. Roof is then pressure washed using up to 4000psi to remove all of the above and dirt. The surface is then left to dry, this is determined by the percentage of moisture in the tiles. When levels reach below 12% moisture then one coat of acrylic tile sealer is applied. Followed by two coats of premium exterior acrylic paint applied by airless spray and brush.