DeGroot Roof Painting is a fourth generation painting and decorating company operating for the better part of 100 years. We believe in delivering the highest quality industry standards, which is why the deGroots family have been members of the Master Painters Association Victoria and Tasmania for generations.

Originating from Holland’s Master Painters what was a solo operation, is now a team of positive hardworking professionals.

The current Director, Russell DeGroot had the benefit of his forefathers, who have imparted the best techniques in the trade as well as excellence in the area of customer service. These valuable lessons are at the very heart of the deGroots team and will continue to be so, for many more years to come.

When we say that we are fast, we stand by it. DeGroots have reduced the time taken on an average roof painting project by 25% due to our processes, quality training in our team and
our industrial grade equipment.

Our online job management system called Geo-Op, sends specific details to our technical team on-site meaning they can get on with the job and know exactly what the requirements are from start to finish. This information can be accessed through their smartphones or tablets. Any agreed changes to a project are documented and sent via our super fast system to our team who can make the changes on-site.

Degroots use state-of- the-art aerial imaging software called Nearmap that can measure, inspect and provide accurate information for quoting and to our team about client buildings.

We also use claw tether plates that does two things. Firstly, it ensures on-the- job safety for all of our crew and secondly, using them allows us to work without the use of scaffolding.

This technique has the major benefit of significantly reducing project costs and also mitigating any potential damage to the surroundings of the building and work site for all of our clients.